Anambra Landlady Refunds Tenant Money

Anambra Landlady

Anambra Landlady Refunds Tenant After Finding Out She Is From Ebonyi

A Young man have cried out how a Landlord in Anambra refunded his girlfriend because she is from Ebonyi State.

While narrating to a blogger Wisdom Nweden, he said his girlfriend was cleaning the house already only for the Landlady to say she doesn’t rent her house to Ebonyi People.

“Please why’s it that Anambra h@te Ebonyians so much. Just two days ago my girl friend who’s schooling at UNIZIK got a new lodge I sent her the total amount the woman request, yesterday after the little girl went there to clean the house he woman asked her where’s she from. The girl told her that she’s from Ebonyi State. That’s the end. The woman said that she doesn’t accept Ebonyians in her house”

“This thing is getting out of hand. Please I want to know if Ebonyians are not real Igbos. The refund was sent to the girl’s account” Anambra Landlady

Am from Ebonyi Living in Bahrain 🇧🇭

File Photo and bank alert for proof.
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