Things To Consider Before Going into Marriage, Number “3” is Very Important.

We can see marriages are evolving everyday,and new set of people are preparing to start a new home without the basic knowledge of what to consider before choosing a life partner.

Marriage at times can be more fun if all the necessary requirement are met and are in order.

I’ll like to share some of what to consider before indulging into a lifetime institution called “MARRIAGE”

  1. RELIGION- This in particular has cause issue in most marriages which later in turn cause divorce to some marriage. The both partner must know their faith and must be in solid agreement before saying I do.
  2. FINANCE- This is another vital point to put into consideration before going into marriage. The Bible say “money answereth all things” . So before you consider marriage, you must be financially stable (man $ woman).
  3. HEALTH STATUS- To avoid entering into an unprepared war, a thorough medical checkup must be carried out on both partner. This will also help them to give birth to a healthy and sound offspring. You can also add yours..

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