Noblebrendan Biography, Music Career, Age, Family

Noblebrendan Biography, Music Career, Age, Family
Noblebrendan Biography, Music Career, Age, Family

Noblebrendan Biography, Music Career, Age, Family

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Innocent ndubuisi odo, professionally known as Noblebrendan (formally stylized as Noble Brendan, is a Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter and a record producer who came up with American-rap culture. His other name “Mrnah” was inspired by his “nah” adlib on most of his Trap songs


Innocent Ndubuisi Odo, was born on the twentyfifth May 2000 (25/05/2000), in Kwara state Nigeria. But He Hails From Enugu Nigeria, Nsukka to be very precise.

He lived in kwara state with his family from the year 2000 until 2006 when his family moved to Abuja (The Federal Capital Of Nigeria).


He went to Rayino international Academy, where he was the group leader or let’s say the chair leader in the music club and won his first Club award as the “Best club leader of the year”.

Music Career

Noblebrendan Started recording in his highschool when his Crew made a freestyle with him and he picked up from there.

After his highschool he went to the hiphop musical classes all day and also won the best male rapper of the year.

In 2020, Noblebrendan recorded his first studio track titled “I Remember” which got him recognition off foreign records with Latin American rappers XTE and Ajay Snchz and he was featured in a song with XTE titled Throne. Noble’s first full length studio album “Rehab time” was self-released late 2020

Noblebrendan Has Recorded Many Songs under R4L record Label.

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The Rules _ Released Date: 09/05/2021
Crazy _ Released Date: 23/03/2021
Look at Me _ Released : 13/03/2021
No label _ Released Date: 13/03/2021
Letter To My Mama _ Released Date: 04/05/2021
Clout; R4l feat SmD _ Released Date: 22/04/2021 And Many More.

Noblebrendan is recognized as an artist on Google, Bing, Yandex, Apple music, SoundCloud, Boomplay and other platforms.

Due to the Love of music and commitment to his passion Noblebrendan’s life was so challenging to the extent that he dropped in grades because of music and His teachers then  from his school started mocking him, Chanting  “This Boy can never make it “ But that gave him the red eyes To Put More Effort In His music career and dream.


Micheal Brendan odo
Agatha Brendan

Odo Oliver Amarachi,
Odo Jacinta Nkechi.
Odo Emeka

Birth Name: Innocent ndubuisi odo

Year: 25/05/2000
State of origin: Enugu NG
State of Birth: Kwara State NG
Residence: Abuja NG
Nationality: Nigerian

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