‘I Am Guilty’ – US-based Nigerian Drug Pusher Begs

US-based Nigerian Temitope Olaiya, prominently known as Tammy Olaiya has conceded plotting to import more than five kilograms of cocaine and taking an interest in a few false plans; including bank extortion and wellbeing administrations trick.

The 40-year-old agent who is situated in Hyattsville, Maryland, U.S.A faces an obligatory least of 10 years in jail for the cocaine importation charge when condemned on February 28, as indicated by United States Department of Justice.

As per court reports featured in the announcement discharge from the express lawyer’s office, Olaiya, enrolled men in Washington, US, and paid them to go about as medication messengers. It was expressed that she opened financial balances for the dispatches, acquired international IDs and visas which they used to go in an out of the US.

“The messengers that Olaiya enrolled headed out principally to São Paulo, Brazil, where they got kilogram amounts of cocaine covered up in the coating of delicate sided attachés or attaché cases. Out and out, law requirement held onto almost seven kilograms of cocaine at three diverse U.S. air terminals from three separate messengers enlisted by Olaiya,” the discharge read to a limited extent:

Past cocaine importation, Olaiya likewise confessed to completing a few deceitful exercises.

The previous individual consideration helper worked for different home wellbeing offices in Washington, US, and submitted adulterated reports and false cases to Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF), a medicinal services advantage program subsidized by Medicaid, to get paid.

It was uncovered that Olaiya who was required to submit time sheets for time she worked giving human services benefits so as to get paid, enlisted individuals to go about as ‘patients’ and had them sign her misrepresented time sheets for kickbacks.

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The state lawyer uncovered that on in any event two events, Olaiya, “charged DHCF for home wellbeing administrations she professed to have given while she was out of the nation.”

In another different plan, Olaiya, utilized her US-based business of offering African products to do bank misrepresentation.

It was assembled that she utilized installment stages for false charges just as doing Visa tricks.

“Olaiya utilized records with installment stages Square and Stripe to make false charges on taken Mastercard numbers. Among June and December 2017, Olaiya submitted, or caused to be submitted, $381,500 in fake Visa charges to the Stripe account. From there on, Olaiya exchanged over to Square, and throughout around two months, piled on more than $100,000 in deceitful charges. At the point when Square educated Olaiya that the genuine record holder had tested the exchange, Olaiya made transcribed, distorted solicitations reporting things purportedly acquired by the record holder, and gave the phony solicitations to Square,” the announcement uncovered.

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