Da Gold ft Wumi Gold -Atogbojule (Dependable God)

Gospel Ministers, Da Gold & Wumi Gold have released their collaboration single, “Atogbojule (Dependable God)” – a song of healing and signs and wonders that has been a blessing to many.

Dare Olabintan Gold also known as Da Gold is a gospel music minister born in Lagos, Nigeria. He started his career as a music minister in Kaduna. He studied music in Peter Kings College of Music Lagos and also studied Mathematics in University of Abuja, Nigeria.

Da Gold is a music director, an instrumentalist, a songwriter and also a minister with passion for the things of God and humanity.

He’s married to Wumi Gold and God has blessed them with a child.

Presently he serves as a music minister in R.C.C.G Christ the Way assembly in Basic Estate, Lokogoma, Abuja, Nigeria.

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Atogbojule (Dependable God)
Atogbojule (Dependable God)

Kile oleshe ehah Atogbojule
(There’s no impossibility in you dependable God)

Tale ojulo ehah Atogbojule
(You’re bigger than all situation dependable God)

Jesus the miracle working God
Afflictions bowing down at the mention of your name

Arabataribiti God you’ve won the battle(Mighty God you’ve won the battle)

Kile oleshe ehah Chukwu obimo
(There’s no impossibility in you Jesus the love of my life)

Tale ojulo ehah atogbojule
(You’re bigger than all situation dependable God)

Aha hahaha ha haha(making jest of that situation)

Tale ojulo ehah atogbojule
(You’re bigger than all situation dependable God)

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